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The thesis title cannot be changed, except with the proposition of the thesis jury during the oral exam if the title of the thesis is very obscure, the doctoral students' office reserves the right to request a simpler title. 0 master's degree in electrical and electronics engineering master's thesis development of a high-level vhdl-ams simulation model of an rf transmitter based on a. Head of laboratory: prof francesco stellacci secretary: chiara donini epfl-sti-imx-sunmil mxg 030 (building mxg), station 12 1015 lausanne, switzerland tel: +41 (0)21 693 73 96. The theses are referenced some days before their public defence and are distributed according to a schedule validated by the dean's office some may be temporarily unavailable for reasons of confidentiality.

The cse master projects must have a strong scientific content it has to be carried out under the direction of an epfl professor of the cse master, possibly in collaboration with the industry or at another university. Doi : 105075/epfl-thesis-1139 detailed record - full text etude d'un procédé pour la perfluoration électrochimique du fluorure de l'acide n-octanesulfonique dans l'acide fluorhydrique liquide. Master thesis by ruben fiszel this is the source for the final report of my master's thesis at epflin the report, i present the work i have done over 6 months at the pervasive parallelism lab in stanford in conjunction with the programming methods laboratory at epfl. Master's studies at epfl this portal is dedicated to students interested in a master's program from epfl epfl, the swiss federal institute of technology of lausanne, gives access to most fields of basic sciences, engineering and architecture.

This thesis presents our work with a hyperspectral sensor developed and used by the geodetic engineering laboratory of epfl in the léman-baïkal project, a cooperative work which aimed at studying both lake geneva (switzerland) and lake baikal (russia. 11072018 alan successfully defended his master thesis alan boehlen pushed forward our work in the field of amorphous caco 3 during his master thesis with exciting results by finishing his master thesis, he also finished his studies at epfl. Epfl homepage search search query search. Master thesis epfl master thesis epfl engineering internship credited with master project (master in materials science and engineering) (internship of at least 8 weeks recommended to be carry out after master thesis presentation epfl.

Hand-in of master thesis report the master thesis report must be handed in to the secretariat of the section (inn 111), with 2 paper copies and 1 electronic copy the paper copies will receive the epfl official stamp. The master program for business-minded engineers and scientists the master mte is one of the flagship programs of the college of management technology. Ordinance on the evaluation of bachelor and master studies (art 30, 31, and 32) internal directive concerning examinations (art 16, 17, and 18) any changes to the title of the master's project must be subimtted to the secretary's office of the student's program on the day of the exam at the latest. Master thesis epfl master thesis epfl master thesis check the open positions for master projects (epfl students only) remember to register your project in is-academiahow to write a high school application quiz phd thesis epfl about com homework help doctoral thesis on working capital managementour 2 masters end up with an independant research work lasting 4 to 6 months in academia or. Master thesis (jointly supervised with volkan cevher), epfl, august 2016 elias sprengel: audio based bird species identification using deep learning techniques , master thesis (jointly supervised with yannic kilcher ) , eth, august 2016.

Theses 2018 photonic damascene process for integrated high q microresonator based nonlinear photonic devices master thesis author: ignacio vasquez garcia. Peer review for essay guidelines elsevier disadvantage of reading essay globalization examples of research paper apa reports examples of research paper apa reports. For a master-thesis-student, you could chose one of our ongoing research projects, work out the details and implement both the backend and the frontend blockchains: create skipchains and evolve the access-control to those or extend the blockchain explorer.

Master thesis epfl

Projects proposed to students in electrical engineering at epfl are carried out either as semester projects or master thesis projects general and further information can be found on the school of engineering website. The master project (company master project) consists in a 25 weeks internship in the financial industry during which students have to write a master thesis on a financial engineering topic this provides students the opportunity to put into practice the academic knowledge acquired during their studies at epfl, gain some professional experience. Federal institute of technology, lausanne, epfl electrical and electronics engineering, sti microelectronics systems laboratory, lsm feasibility study of on-focal-plane image compressive. Master program at epfl: chiara paviolo: master thesis : 2008 : phd at industrial research institute swinburne, australia: chia huei tan: master thesis .

Here are the latex template and beamer theme for generating your presentation with ipg and epfl logos. Its validation is a pre-condition to start the master thesis students' performance during the internship is followed by a professor or a person in charge from epfl and by a supervisor from the company.

Master thesis this traffic simulation software is able to simulate a traffic with the same characteristics of gross weight and geometry as a real traffic data. One third of the masters' evaluation is based upon the master thesis (capstone project) which runs in parallel for the full duration of the course the goal of the project is to carry out a practical or research project, demonstrating high scientific capabilities, engineering knowledge and managerial skills. Choice of the master thesis the master thesis in general will be done in a civil engineering laboratory collaboration with an outside institution is possible, but needs to be submitted and accepted by the director of the thesis in question and the direction of the section of civil engineering. Master project definition modelling a fluidized bed reactor for metal/metal-oxide based thermochemical syngas production supervision: meng lin, sophia haussener (epfl.

master thesis epfl Master thesis current projects arabelle calliope de saussure: a comparison of induced seismic events caused by hydraulic fracturing in engineered geothermal systems (egs) and shale reservoir exploitation.
Master thesis epfl
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